Corporate responsibility for Neon Services means responsiblity towards its people, the society and the environment. It’s the only way we can actively show our interest in life, health and sustainability; that’s why we have adapted our business model towards that direction. Our value system is in complete harmony with all our procedures, our operations models and reviewing and control systems, as well as the repercussions that our activities might have to the environment.


If we want to continue offering our services to our clients in the future, first we need to make sure we have a planet and a future. Protecting the environment is and should be, a major priority for all of us.

All cleaning, pest & rodent control, and grounds & gardens services that Neon Services provide, are commited to protecting the environment:

  • We abide to the Environmental Management System for the prevention of pollution
  • We have cataloged the environmental consequences of our activities and we have defined respective targets
  • We have complied with Law Regulations, regarding the environment
  • We constantly improve our environmental performance
  • We frequently review and check our suppliers’ and partners’ production processes

Our company holds the ISO 14001 certification which means it complies with all the criteria for an environmental management system, which we also adapt to our partners.

Our environmental policy has been made known to our employees and partners and it’s available to the public.


Neon Services has developed a Health and Safety at Work Management System, according to the ISO 45001:2018 standards. The goal is to minimize dangers for our staff and visitors in our workplace. The Health and Safety policy is one of the basic training topics for all our employees.

In our policy for Health and Safety at work, we have set our standards, goals and the following commitments:

    • To avoid work accidents and diseases as well as the rest possible negative health consequences that can be work-related.
    • To comply with the effective legislation for Health and Safety at work and the rest of the requirements that our company contributes to.
    • To recognize Health and Safety at work as an integral part of our Management structure and performance.
    • To make sure we provide constant updates and employee training in the area of Health and Safety at work, as well as reminders for our employees’ obligation to comply with the Greek legislation in the work environment.
    • To preserve our good reputation as a company, in the Health and Safety at work department.
    • To make sure that the Management and our employees are capable of fulfilling their duties and obligations that have been assigned to them in the context of Health and Safety at work system managment.
    • To make all the necessary resources available– human, financial etc – for establishing and operating the Health and Safety at work Management System.
  • To constantly improve our Health and Safety at work Management System.


All the employees at Neon Services are treated equally, regardless of position, years of experience, sex, race and age. Our basic evaluation criteria are their skills and professional attitude they display at work. This is one of the reasons our employees return our respect with the highest quality of work, diligence and dependability, something that is ultimately received by our clients.