Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP): Obligatory for all sanitary related outlets according to the new Law (Υ1γ/Γ.Π/οικ.96967 (ΦΕΚ 2718/Β/08.10.2012)

What is HACCP

HACCP is a food safety study where all the dangers related to food are addressed, recorded and controlled. It’s more like an extra measure for the prevention of hazards instead of being the source of extra stress, since it protects the food-related enterprise law-wise and it helps owners and personnel to organize more efficiently the safe production and distribution of foods.

Which businesses need it

HACCP needs to be applied by ALL businesses active in the wider field of food and catering, and specifically according to article 3:

  • Food producing and packaging industries
  • Super Markets, food and liquor stores
  • Bakeries and bakery suppliers
  • Restaurants, tavernas, fast food restaurants, grill houses
  • Confectionary stores, catering
  • Food and liquor warehouses
  • Delivery services – Food and liquor delivery vehicles

Hygienic-Sanitary inspections and fines

Obtaining a HACCP certificate and applying it is a must for food-related businesses and required by law, since the 23rd of October 2013. The Ministry of Health conducts regular inspections, and it can enforce serious penalties and monetary fines.

You can find all fines, analytically here: http://www.efet.gr/portal/page/portal/efetnew/news/kiroseis


Neon Services has all the necessary experience to develop HACCP systems that more than cover legislation. Our qualified personnel, with years of experience in the food industry, can create the necessary archives and set the foundations for anyone who requires further certifications like ISO 22000.

We can support you in all matters regarding:

  • Permit acquisition for all food-related businesses
  • HACCP system study- development and application
  • HACCP proper application
  • Employees and sanitation manager training