Neon Services provides integrated services in three areas:

Facility Management, Waste Management and Human Resources Management.

The services programs are tailor made for your company and they are designed, controlled and implemented in your own space by people who have the right training and specialization.

Our experience in premises, equipment and materials of any kind, is the guarantee you need for optimum performance in every aspect of Management and Care in your own space.


Neon Services provides Total Facility Management services for any need of your company and for every level of function, support and maintenance.  Our experience and know-how allows us to see any project from a 3600 view, leaving nothing to chance.

Why is Facility Management important?

Modernizing a corporation means perfecting every single implementation method. When you trust your Facility Management to Neon Services, you know that you will receive an integrated approach meaning:

  • Impeccable operations in your daily routine
  • Timeless conservation and protection of the adding value of your premises
  • Operating cost minimization
  • Gaining experience on management and maintenance
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Better development prospects

Just assigning facility management to Neon Services means that you can devote your time to what really matters, like productivity and company development issues, leaving room for innovation.


Neon Services provides integrated professional spaces’ cleaning solutions. Thanks to our experience and know-how, we can create tailor-made programs that adjust to the needs of each and every one of our clients, whom we see as special, individual cases. This is why we examine your space meticulously, we pick closely the people and the equipment you need and we create exclusive solutions for you.

The cleaning services we offer fall into three categories:

  1. General Cleaning 2) Maintenance cleaning 3) Special cleaning

And they are applied in:

  • Offices
  • Industries (Production, Warehouses etc)
  • Shopping centres και Stores
  • Health facilities
  • Educational premises
  • Hotel facilities

Our Internal and External spaces Cleaning Services in particular, cover the following:

  • Technical-Financial and Staff programs Research
  • Implementation in the actual space
  • Preventive και Structural Actions
  • Supervision and Control of the provided services

Neon Services is a model example of a Professional Cleaning Services Company and as such, it develops Technical and Financial studies and a complete presentation of the Staff programs that are needed, tailor-made for every client. It’s our responsibility to apply the study in the most comprehensive way in your space, while at the same time, we will go ahead with any preventive or structural action, wherever it’s necessary.

As your next partner in Professional Cleaning, Neon Services will make sure that all the tasks in your space will be finished as per the agreed timetable, and that you will receive visit reports based on the supervision and monitoring of the provided services.

Floor maintenance

  • Marble Crystallization
  • Carpet washing
  • Floor polish application
  • Floor cleaning and polishing
  • Special cleaning

Νeon Services has excellently equipped, specialized crews, that will clean and maintain any type of flooring, using only top equipment and materials, for best results.

General Cleaning

  • Storey cleaning (Airways – Lights – Suspended Ceilings)
  • Blinds and Shades cleaning
  • Windowpane and aluminum cleaning (Interior & Exterior)
  • Façade cleaning
  • Buildings cleaning with high pressure water cleaners


Photovoltaic cells increase by the day as more and more people are willing to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy, creating  at the same time a constantly developing need for their maintenance. The photovoltaic panels’ function depends on how unobstructedly light penetrates the panel. If this is hindered by dirt, pollen, dust, metallic salts from water or mud, vegetation, then their performance is noticeably decreased.

Our experience in cleaning Photovoltaic Systems, makes us your fist choice. Choosing Neon Services for photovoltaic panels maintenance means better performance and energy output, as well as financial and environmental cost reduction.

Neon Services brings you the solution because it can provide professional, methodical cleaning, offering:

  • The most contemporary methods and cutting-edge equipment
  • Experienced team for professional cleaning
  • Recurrent checks on the spot, to determine your special needs
  • Automobile cleaning system using a flexible closed van
  • Special windowpane cleaning system that uses a technology which converts the network water to deionized water that is sprayed homogeneously on the panel and removes stains, while at the same time it dries the panels without leaving stripes, stains, or chemical residue
  • Weeding to help the photovoltaic panels work perfectly
  • Rodent control to protect the wiring


Neon Services offers responsible, success-guaranteed services of pest and rodent control using materials that don’t cause harm to people and the environment.

We apply a complete research and study of your spaces and we develop a comprehensive program of tasks, to eradicate all established parasite populations and prevent them from coming back, which includes:

  • Premises study
  • Spaces documenting
  • Problem appreciation
  • Pest and Rodent control method proposal
  • Integrated Pest management (I.P.)
  • Bait stations placement study

Continuance is the secret for long-lasting results, and the prevention of re-emerging parasites. The maintenance work and preventive measures needed are: Frequent Checks, Reporting each time the crew visits, and Urgent Operations whenever necessary.

They include:

  • Maintenance and Preventive measures
  • Recurrent checks
  • Detailed Reports on each visit
  • Urgent operations depending on the case

Neon Services has put together a team of people under the supervision of a professional licensed agronomist providing:

  • Pest and Rodent control Certifications
  • Certification signed by a professional agronomist
  • Reports folder


A beautiful, green environment doesn’t only affect the aesthetics of a space but it also affects people: whether they are employees, associates or clients. It also answers to the need for more “life-giving oxygen” in the urban habitat.

Neon Services takes care of grounds and open spaces in professional premises, always maintining the highest standards of quality, it the most affordable price. Our specialized team works under the supervision of certified agronomists.

Our company offers services such as:

  • Garden construction and maintenance, private or public
  • Landscaping studies and applications
  • Special landscaping and greenery projects (sports, industrial etc facilities)
  • Irrigation systems study, installation and maintenance
  • Rooftop garden study, installation and maintenance
  • Interior and exterior flower pots/planters maintenance


Your company’s premises (offices, commercial spaces, production units, warehouses etc) need daily and specialized maintenance. Neon Services has a nation-wide network that efficiently takes care all of your needs, providing services that are:

  • Contract based
  • On-call
  • Ad-hoc
  • Urgent

We also develop integrated programs that fully respond to the needs of your space, and the specialized needs of your company, always choosing materials of the highest quality.

Some of our services:


We offer our services to:

  • Offices
  • Industries (Production, Warehouses etc)
  • Shopping centres και Stores
  • Health facilities
  • Educational premises
  • Hotel facilities


Our experience in managing premises of any kind, also includes waste management and disposal, according to your needs:

  • Waste Management
  • Transport of materials and large-sized objects
  • Disposal of building materials
  • Consumables management


Hiring, Training, Evaluating, taking care of the payroll and providing a safe, ethical, and humane environment for all employees, are some of the aspects of Human Resources Management, and they are necessary for the flawless function of any business.

Neon Services has developed an updated personnel database and manages a large number of employees, utilizing:

  • Nature of job analysis for each employee
  • Employee screening process
  • Personnel needs design and attracting right candidates
  • Payroll and day wages management
  • Employees training
  • Productivity evaluation
  • Motivation
  • Communication and Counsel


Neon Services has created an organized personnel database with specialized know-how and skills, so that it can cover any urgent needs in fields such as:

1) Hotel employees

  • Maids
  • Ηousemen
  • Reception clerks
  • Waiters-waitresses etc

2) Workers

  • Packaging
  • Warehouse sorters
  • Containers loading-unloading
  • Machinery operators etc


Neon Services can look after the needs of your company and find part-time personnel, in positions such as:

  • Call center
  • Running errands
  • Internal mail delivery
  • Backup jobs with reduced hours


Neon Services will tackle, either all, or part of your staff payroll. We will also take care and cover all the necessary procedures and demands, as well as the legal responsibilities, leaving precious time for you that you can invest in more productive ways.