Corporate activity today has many challenges in all levels. The unstable economic environment, as well as constant develpments in all fronts, technological and social, forces corporations to be organized, flexible, and to produce products and provide services that are high-quality and competitively priced. That’s why it’s important that the partners chosen, can contribute in the productivity and smooth operation in the best possible way.

Neon Services is the ideal solution because:

  • We are an outsourcing partner you can trust
  • We are specialized in all the services we provide
  • All our services’ focus is the optimum result
  • Our Customer Service system is impeccable


Assigning projects and functions outside the company (outsourcing) is increasingly becoming a popular practice for corporations, especially in the field of facility services. One important reason is that premises cleaning and maintenance isn’t within the core of operations and it’s best done from people outside the company.

Neon Services has all the experience and know-how to carry through all the operations which demand specialized procedures and strict hygiene and safety standards; It’s a known fact that, for example, professional premises cleaning has very different demands than cleaning a residence.

A corporation that chooses outsourcing:

  • Reduces its operating costs
  • Doesn’t need to hire and train specialized personnel
  • Won’t have to bear the extra equipment and materials costs
  • Avoids managing costs for extra staff and supply procedures
  • Doesn’t need to investigate and adopt new, cost-efficient methods and suppliers for equipment supplies
  • Releases financial and human resources to put to better use more productively and creatively


Neon Services clients enjoy an exhaustive range of services, from premises cleaning and maintenance to grounds and gardens landscaping, technical services, and human resources management.

The departments we cover are purposefully related so that we can delve deeper, extending our specialization and know-how.

Before we incorporate each service we provide, we review it carefully and we test it and put it into practice in order to eliminate mistakes and omissions. Only when we’ve collected all the necessary data, equipment and specialized personnel, can we actually offer this service to our clients.


All the services we provide, are tailor-made to the needs and space of every client and they follow specific procedures. We don’t offer one service cut for all, this is not the mentality that suits us and we don’t believe that something made for everybody is equally efficient and satisfactory for all demands, in all circumstances.

We listen to your needs

Each client is a special case for us, with exclusive needs. That’s why it’s important during our first meeting to listen to the client carefully. «Tell us what you need» is the phrase you will hear from the first moment. We don’t just offer services, but we efficiently cover each and every one of your needs, solving problems and correcting flaws.

We design programs especially for you

After our first meeting, we will study carefully your premises and their unique circumstances, so that we can proceed to designing the first tailor-made services program for you, always with your own valuable contribution. This happens by dividing your space into priority zones: those spaces that demand less or more attention so that we can avoid squandering your financial resources and consuming workhours in spaces that are of secondary importance.

We review and improve

While we’re busy working on your program, we will be here to answer to any questions you might have, concerning the efficiency of the services we provide.

This may happen either by meeting us personally or by filling out questionnaires and complaint forms. It is very important for us to have news from you and get your feedback because it’s the only way to understand better your needs and modify our programs, solving problems and correcting flaws or unwanted actions.

Neon Services totally respects your demand for perfection and assures you that this is exactly what we aim at, with our services!


For all of us at Neon Services the client is our closest partner and this mentality is central to our Customer Service and all the programs we offer. That’s why our relationships with our clients are long-term, stable and are defined by trust and reciprocity. After all, we see Customer Service as a separate service we provide, based on a special service model we’ve adopted.